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This Week: UI Updates!


This week I revisited our UI.  While shooting our first video I realized that the status plate for selected units is just way too honking big.  I think we were just trying to put way too much information in there, so instead I’ve split things into two different screens.  The new status plate is slimmer and is made up of three parts:

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Introduction to the Job System


Thanks for all the feedback on our first pre-alpha video.  We do read and appreciate all your comments, so please keep them coming.

As you can tell from the video, planning and building your town will be a huge part of the game.  And to do that you need not only worker bees to haul things around and build walls, you need skilled craftsmen!  These are the guys who will take the raw materials in the world like wood, stone, and metal ore, and turn them into finished products that you can use in your town:  furniture, lanterns, weapons, armor, etc.

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Whoops! You can now post to the forums

I accidentally left full post moderation on when installing our forums. Sorry about that!


This is the development blog for Stonehearth, a game that we have been working on for the past year.  About this time last year we both quit our jobs in the software industry to make our dream game: a game that combines aspects of “sim” sandbox, fantasy RPGs, and RTS games.

Up until now we’ve been cranking away at core systems like rendering, path-finding, AI, and the planning & construction phase of building up your town.  With that groundwork laid, we’re finally at the point where we think we have something worth sharing, hence this site!

While we have a lot of experience writing software, this is our first game, and boy has it been a learning experience!  Our plan is to keep this blog regularly updated, to keep you guys in the loop on the game’s progress and to share some of the things that we’re learning all the time as fledgling game developers.

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