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More Information on the Profession System

Hi guys. Here’s a little more information on the profession-upgrade-flow. You now start the game with five workers and The Saw. Upon he who wields the saw, the powers of carpentry are bestowed. In other words, you tell one of your workers to go pick up the saw and he promotes himself to a carpenter. Here are some screenshots from a test-world demonstrating the promotion process. Remember, our test-worlds are tiny sandboxes that we use to unit-test pieces of functionality, which is why the entire world consists of a drab gray box and a few trees.

The shots also show the new UI, which is about 20% implemented (the buttons don’t even have icons yet, but we’re getting there!).

There’s more information about how the profession system will work after the jump…

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Desktop Tuesdays, Goblins Revisited

Late last week Tony polished off the promotion code, so we can now upgrade workers to professions like carpenters! I’ll try to put together some screenshots that show you what it looks like in game later this week.

With the promotion code in, we’re moving on to combat and monster AI. So I’ve been busy refining the goblins that you guys saw a few weeks ago. Here’s a hodgepodge of goblin gear, along with three variants of the little guy.


The goblins themselves are made up of different pieces for head, hair, torso, ears, etc. For each piece we have several variants; you can see two variants of the head in the screenshot. When we put a new goblin into the game world, he’s composed of a randomly chosen piece for each body part, so each goblin has his own individual look.

Then we assign each goblin some gear based on his role. We’ve started off by defining three roles for goblins. From left to right in the screenshot they are raider, bezerker, and tank. When goblins attack, you’ll face a coordinated squad of these guys, and they’ll come at you with a specific goal. Maybe they’re after some resources, or are there to defend a patch of land that you’ve encroached on. So we very much want to use combat as a tool to help tell the story of your town’s adventure, rather than just throw waves of mindless enemies at you.

Edit: Bonus Screenshot!

I’ve moved on to adding the combat animations. Here’s a shot of a one-handed sword ready pose.


Desktop Tuesday! A Closer Look at the Carpenter

Whew!  I spent this morning beefing up our social media presence.  We are now officially on Facebook.  Please tell your friends, and thanks Alan for the tip.  With that out of the way, here’s how we’re doing this week.


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Desktop Tuesdays, Skeletons!

What’s a good fantasy game without the undead?  Here are some variants of skeletons.  These show up in some of our original concept renders, but now I’m refining them to animate well in game.


It’s been a productive two weeks for us.  Some major accomplishments include:

  • Build system! Tony has automated the build process.  The game is made up of many different subsystems: the game simulation, the rendering engine, the UI, etc.  The build script takes all those pieces, compiles them when necessary, and wraps them all up in a zip file that can be unzipped on another computer and run.  This means that we can run the game on other machines besides Tony’s, which is obviously a pre-requsite for our eventual release.
  • UI. We’ve made a lot of progress on the UI, especially for building things like houses and castles.  In our prototype video there’s basically no UI and I’m using hotkeys to drive the thing.  I’m really happy with the tech we’ve chosen for UI.  Basically the UI runs as a transparent Google Chrome window on top of the game.  100% of the UI is written in HTML and Javascript, which will make it super easy to mod.
  • Asset Pipeline.  Right now we’re taking another pass on our pipeline for getting models into the game.  Today there are a lot of manual steps to go from voxel modelling to a final in-game model.  We’re writing tools to automate all of that.  The most exciting bit is a direct importer from Qubicle Constructor to the game.  This will make my life a lot easier, but it’s also going to be super cool for modders.  To create your own custom gear (maybe a badass sword), you’ll model it in Qubicle, provide a little extra data like a name and the ingredients required to craft it, and BAM it will be available to you in-game.

Desktop Tuesdays, Speed Sculpt!

Hi. I’m continuing to flesh out the enemies that you’ll encounter in the game. Today I’m working on a heavy/tank sort of guy. Whereas the goblins are our cannon-fodder, nuisance type of monster, these guys will be a much more menacing threat. Here’s a speed sculpt of my progress so far.

What do you think? Too beefy? I want him to sort of waddle around with a a bull-in-chinashop kind of vibe. The legs could be a touch longer maybe.

Updated!, 2:52 P.M.

Made the leg one voxel longer, dropped the shoulders by one voxel, and added a jaw so the poor guy can eat (hopefully not you!).  Now we’re getting somewhere.


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