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Kickstarter Maddness! Vote for Stonehearth on Steam Greenlight!

Hey guys. Our Kickstarter is off to a roaring start. Thank you so much everyone for helping us spread the word. We are in 100% scramble mode responding to backer comments and collecting valuable feedback about the kinds of things people want to see in the game. As we get closer to being funded, we’ll roll out our stretch goals.

Also, thanks to backer feedback, we’ve decided to put Stonehearth on Steam Greenlight! This is a great way for us to raise awareness for the game, and will be an amazing channel to reach gamers once Stonehearth is ready for release.

The Stonehearth Kickstarter is Live!

Well, let’s see how this goes, right?  Our Kickstarter is now live!  There’s a lot of new information about the game on our page, so please check it out and let us know what you think!  Huge thanks again to Richard Li for helping us put together the video, and to Clark Aboud for the awesome trailer music.



Demonstrating the Upgrade Construction AIs

We haven’t shown off the full game in a while, so I’ve put together this video demonstrating improvements to…well, practically everything. The main point here is to show you the coordination of AIs to complete a fairly complicated goal like building a house. But since I shot this in the actual game and not a micro-test-world, you can see the new terrain in action, along with settler variants and the return of the bunnies!

We’re locked and loaded for the Kickstarter tomorrow. All I need to do is push the big green button at the top of our page. Hmmm….tempting….

One More Wallpaper. On Monday we Kickstart!

Kickstarter.  Monday.  ’Nuff said.

Ok, I can say a little more.  Our Kickstarter video and page will share a lot more information about the game, including some new classes and features that we’ve only hinted at so far.  So please check back Monday to see what we have in store!  Oh, and here’s the final wallpaper of the week.



Desktop Wallpaper of the Day

Today Kickstarter approved our page and video, so we are 100% launching the Kickstarter this coming Monday!  We’re spending the rest of the week doing a little house-cleaning tech wise by adding an automated build system for the game.  Super exciting, I know, but it’s an important step now that we have a fairly significant code base.

Oh, and here’s the new wallpaper.


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