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We’re Backed! What’s Up Next for Team Radiant

Hi guys. After a frantic month, we’ve ended our Kickstarter with an amazing $751,000 in pledges, plus around $50,000 more in PayPal pledges and counting. Thank you everyone for your enthusiasm and your support.

For those of you still wishing to pledge to the campaign, we’re leaving the PayPal page up for the next two weeks. All the rewards are identical to the original Kickstarter. This is just an alternate method of payment. If you haven’t already, check out this Kickstarter update that explains how we’ll handle reward distributions.

For us, it’s time to go heads down and concentrate 100% of making progress on the game. You can continue to follow our progress here on the devblog, starting with a brand new Desktop Tuesday next week!

Gamepedia Now Hosts the Official Stonehearth Wiki!

If you’re very observant, you may have noticed the new “Wiki” button a the top of our blog. Gamepedia has stepped up to host our official wiki! They’ve already done a great job summarizing the information we’ve put out so far.

It’s a wiki, so feel free to contribute as new info becomes available.

Introducing the Magma Smith, Plus Livestream Today at 2 PM Pacific, 10 PM GMT

The Kickstarter continues to hum right along. Over night we hit the Magma Smith stretch goal! Here’s a quick concept render and a little info about our newest class.

Download the Magma Smith concept as a desktop wallpaper

The Magma Smith bends rivers of magma and lava to either constructive or destructive ends, depending on the task at hand. An Apprentice Smith learns his trade by plying lava rivulets into shining arms and armor of black glass.

As the smith’s mastery grows, he will learn to redirect underground magma flows, raise whole sheets of lava into towering walls, and hurl balls of fiery destruction at intruders.

Livestream Today, 2:00 PM Pacific

At 2:00 today, we’ll do our second development live stream! Tom will answer some of your questions, and will get down to modelling the Magma Smith. You can watch it live at our channel,

Update: Here is the stream archive.

Desktop Tuesdays on Hiatus this Month

Hey crew. This month I am like 90% focused on care and feeding of the Kickstarter, answering questions and responding to our backers. This is great because we’re hearing a lot of feedback on what people want to see, but unfortunately it means I’m not going to get much done in the coming weeks. So Desktop Tuesdays will return in June. I plan to work on some concepts for our stretch goals, and maybe I can share a bit of that as it becomes available.

Live Streaming Monday at 2 PM Pacific

Hey guys.  I’m excited to tell you that I’ll be doing our first Dev live stream this Monday at 2:00 Pacific time! It the stream I will be rigging animating the mammoth pet.  You can tune in at

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We stream our development live on Tuesdays and Thursdays, @6pm PST!

Come say hi and ask questions at

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