The Kickstarter continues to hum right along. Over night we hit the Magma Smith stretch goal! Here’s a quick concept render and a little info about our newest class.

Download the Magma Smith concept as a desktop wallpaper

The Magma Smith bends rivers of magma and lava to either constructive or destructive ends, depending on the task at hand. An Apprentice Smith learns his trade by plying lava rivulets into shining arms and armor of black glass.

As the smith’s mastery grows, he will learn to redirect underground magma flows, raise whole sheets of lava into towering walls, and hurl balls of fiery destruction at intruders.

Livestream Today, 2:00 PM Pacific

At 2:00 today, we’ll do our second development live stream! Tom will answer some of your questions, and will get down to modelling the Magma Smith. You can watch it live at our channel,

Update: Here is the stream archive.