Hi guys,

I’m sure it will not surprise you to learn that we are still quite busy. The good news is that we’ve signed a lease for our new offices! The place needs a little fixing up, so we will probably move in about a month or so. We’ve also sent out Kickstarter surveys to all $100+ backers who are entitled to T-Shirts and posters. If you haven’t replied yet, please check your email and get back to us so we can start producing the rewards.


As far as Stonehearth development goes, we continue to crank away at the core crafting engine. The basics are mostly in, which means we can define a recipe, tell a crafter to go build it, and he’ll find all the required materials, walk them back to his workshop, and craft the finished good.

It works, but it’s pretty darn raw, so now we’re polishing the heck out of the thing to make it presentable. For me that means a lot of art and UI work, including the icons you see above! These guys will appear in the UI when you select a recipe to craft. We played around with dynamically generating them from the voxel models, but the results weren’t great. These hand-drawn icons just have a lot more charm and character.

In Other News…

Some of you probably know that Tony and I help run the annual Evo fighting game tournament in Las Vegas. Well, this year’s tournament is this weekend! So we will be out for the next week planning, running, and recovering from the event. Don’t worry, Stephanie will hold down the fort while we’re gone.

If you’re unfamiliar with Evo, this video will give you a pretty good idea on the scale of things.

The whole thing will be streamed on Twitch this Friday – Sunday. If you want to tune in, check us out at http://twitch.tv/srkevo1!