Lots to talk about this week. Most importantly, were are very happy to welcome Albert to Team Radiant! Albert is Tony’s old college roommate. We’ve been bugging him to come help us with Stonehearth for a while, and our persistence finally paid off. Albert has a lifelong passion for simulation and strategy games, so needless to say he fits in perfectly here. He also brings some amazing math and programming skills to the team. We have immediately set him upon the beast of world generation.

So a big part of my work this week has been to pump out more terrain concepts to give Albert a better feel for the kind of world your townies will live in. Just to remind you, Stonehearth will have a more stylized terrain model than your typical voxel game, with elevation tiers inspired by tile-based, 16-bit RPG. Here’s our original concept of some foothills.


And here’s one of the new WIP concepts I’m working on, at 1/16th scale. This shows a much larger area at a much lower level of detail. The point of this concept is to show the different shapes and colors of the different terrain types, and also show how the land will transition from plains to mountains.



To give you some idea of scale, imagine a whole city nestled in the plains and foothills between the mountain and river.

Moar Streams!

I’ll be doing another development stream this Thursday at 4:00 P.M. Pacific time in the U.S. You can follow along at http://twitch.tv/radiantentertainment. A few of you guys have asked for more development streams, even if they don’t come with the usual Q & A. Apparently you guys just like watching work, to which I say….why not? So a few minutes after I post this, I’ll go ahead and fire up a stream just of me working. We’ll see how this goes.