Hi guys. I’ve spent most of the past week coding, improving the UI by adding things like hotkeys, icons to buttons, etc. Of course, code isn’t particularly interesting to look at (unless maybe you’re a coder), but I did also have a chance to revisit some of the basic crafter models.


Here you can see some tweaks I’ve made to both the Carpenter and the Blacksmith. For both models, I’m really trying to edit. I’ve simplified the color scheme and removed detail in favor of really emphasizing one or two signature elements, like the Carpenter’s utility belt. The subtle details of the old models was getting lost, especially with the camera zoomed out.

Of course, the obvious change for the Blacksmith is to give him his own individual character instead of making him more or less a palette swap of the Carpenter.

For those of you who missed the live streams last week, here’s what we did. This shot is of a fully stocked Weaver workshop, complete with a spinning wheel, loom, and dye rack!