Tony and I are back from vacation this week. Thanks to Stephanie for holding down the fort and updating Desktop Tuesday while I was out!

It’s been a busy and exciting week here, and of course it’s only Tuesday.

  • First, we finally have the keys to our new office space in downtown Los Altos, CA! This is after months of searching and a few false starts on some other properties. We’re having internet installed now, but very soon we will all be able to move out of my living room, which is kind of important because…
  • Yesterday we added the 5th member to Team Radiant, Chris! Chris is a talented and experienced programmer joining us from Google. Both Stephanie and I first worked with Chris years ago at VMware, and it’s great to be working with him again. He’s rolling up his sleeves now to whip our rendering code into shape.

Ok, on to the screens. I showed off the new wolf model in a previous live stream. I’ve reduced the number of voxels by about 75%, to give him more of that pixelated, 8-bit look.


Now this week (among other things) I’m starting to add animations. Here’s a shot of him running. It’s ok, but could use some work. The hitch in the animation is a side-effect of me not trimming the animated gif properly.


Finally, congratulations to Albert, who is getting married this weekend in beautiful Hawaii! After he gets back in a few weeks, he wants to do a blog update describing his work on terrain generation, which should be a pretty informative piece.