Progress continues on all fronts. The past few weeks I’ve been working on and off at making parts of the UI easily reskinnable, in this case the crafting interface. The UI for each kind of crafter (Carpenter, Mason, Blacksmith, Weaver, etc) will have it’s on unique look that’s reflective of the kinds of things that crafter makes.

Here’s a mockup of the nearly finished skin for the Weaver.


Compare it to the Carpenter’s crafting window a bit further down the page. Along the way I’ve made a few small changes to the interface in general.

  • Change the border style on the ingredient buttons to stand out a lot more (yellow glowing borders). When crafting, you’ll use these buttons to select the kind of ingredient for the crafted item.
  • Change the button that crafts the item from a standard-looking button to a tool that is appropriate for that crafter, in this case a ball of yarn. This will probably make it a little harder to learn the interface at first. You’ll need to figure out that you craft the item by clicking the “thing” in the lower right. But it’s a lot more fun and there are lots of things we can do to point the player in the right direction.

The whole skinning process is driven by CSS. So as a modder, if you’re ambitious enough to mod in your own crafter, you’ll be able to specify a stylesheet that replaces the interface graphics with your own.

I’m also working in integrating our wolf into the game and writing some very basic AI. If I can get few a couple of big bugs that have me stumped maybe we can do a live stream later this week or early next week.