Busy times as usual around here. Thanks to everyone who participated in the graphics test. We’ve identified several bugs and issues, which Chris and Albert are methodically stomping out now.

It didn’t take you guys long to figure out how to mod the test. We kind of figured you would do this, and boy you did not disappoint. Just to recap, here’s some of the dirty work that the modders have been up to.

First, voxel_pirate figured out how to swap out the models with some that he built.

Lunarwolf customized the workers’ outfits, recolored the rabbit, and changed the color of the soil to make a snowy scene.

Alesfatalis decompiled the Lua and wrote code to change the size of the world and make a house out of dirt!

Checkout the Graphics Test Modding thread in the forum to see how these guys did this and the other mods other people have made.

The team is very much heads down working towards our first release. Later today I’ll post more information about what to expect from the release, and how we’ll switch up a few things in 2014.