Hi guys. Let me start off with what I know is on everyone’s minds: the upcoming Alpha release. Quite a bit is going on here all at the same time.

  • Stephanie is working with the good folks at Humble Bundle to setup our online store. Sometime this week we will send out instructions to access your Stonehearth Humble Bundle store page. The game won’t be there yet, but this gives you a chance to verify that you will indeed be able to download the game when it’s available.
  • The team continues to squash bugs and sneak in a few last minute graphical and UI enhancements.
  • Doug is going crazy on audio, making everything in the game click, whir, and murmer in response to your input.

We’re getting more clarity on a possible release date, and it’s looking like we will push the Alpha on December 30th.

Alpha 1 TLDR for Beta Customers

  • The alpha will be available on or around December 30th
  • You will download the alpha from the Humble Bundle store
  • We will support Steam ASAP, possibly in Alpha 1 but if not then soon after.
  • We will send instructions for how to get to the store this week

Terrible, horrific bugs

I’ve been working on supporting animations for non-person entitites, starting with a gate that swings open when people pass through it. This required a few tweaks to my animation toolset, and one of those changes briefly introduced a bug in the way animations run in the game.

Let’s just say the results speak for themselves…