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Alpha 4 Progress Update!


Hi guys. Progress continues on Alpha 4. Thanks to all of you who have tested so far, we’ve been able to shake out most of the crashing bugs, so the game is back to being pretty darn stable. We will push out an updated build to the Steam Unstable Branch today.

Here’s this weeks video, showing off some of the improvements we made last week to the new Alpha 4 features!

Alpha 4 Improvements This Week

  • Greatly increased stability
  • Ability to edit roofs
  • New setting for maximum height of roof
  • New “Red Alert” graphics and sound
  • Improved combat sound and VFX

Desktop Tuesday, Worker Defense Mode!

Hi guys. Really quick update this week. As some of you know, Tony and I run a really big fighting game tournament annually, and it’s coming up this week! So we’ve been extra, super busy, and will remain so for the next week or so. Anyway, to today’s update!

Worker Defense Mode

We’ve added a toggle that will turn your settlers into a militia to fight off enemies! Basically when the toggle is off, your settlers will do their jobs normally, and run from anything too scary. When you toggle on the defense mode, your workers will turn and face any invaders. Here’s a video of the feature in action.

Desktop Tuesday, Roof Customizations!


Hi. The Alpha 4 crash reports are flowing in, so thanks for your help in testing and providing feedback. The next step for us is of course to knock out all these bugs and get to a stable, high quality release. But we can’t resist sneaking in a couple of new features along the way, and here’s one of them, customizing the shape of your roofs!

Very Raw Alpha 4 Pushed to Steam Unstable Branch!



Hi guys,

We are far enough into our release progress for Alpha 4 that we’ve decided to release what we have to the Steam Unstable branch. This post has instructions for how to access the branch.

When we say unstable, this time we really mean it! There are a lot of bugs and annoyances with this super early version of Alpha 4. We’ll continue stabilizing the release and pushing frequent updates to the unstable branch until it reaches at least the same level of quality as Alpha 3. At that point, we’ll push to the main Steam branch and Humble Bundle.

Here’s a summary of the major changes upcoming for Alpha 4!

Introducing the Footman and Basic Combat!

Wooden Swords will now promote citizens to Swordsmen. It’s also possible for your town to receive “visitors” interested in taking your stuff, so you’ll need them. Combat right now is very rough, and will yet undergo extensive tuning.

Building Designer, Phase 1

You can now design and build your own custom buildings. The tool is just in its beginning phases, and is a bit difficult to use right now. We know. It will get better!


The GUI has received an extensive overhaul, with a centralized scoreboard and management screens for your citizens and crafters.

Bugs and Weirdness!

What would an unstable release be without instability? Some bugs we know about:

  • Unstable Save: Sometimes, the game is in a state that breaks the saving utility, crashing the UI. Preventive Fix: Save often. If you get a bad save, delete it from the saved games folder and reload an older save.
  • Gravity w/o Physics: Putting items on top of other items causes the top item to hover in the air instead of falling realistically to the ground. Fix: None, take hilarious screenshots and post them online.
  • Revamped Shortcut Keys: We’re in the middle of overhauling this system. Pay close attention to the tooltips, and send us feedback.

Desktop Tuesday, Tuning the Game Pace


Hi guys. We’re still hard at work on Alpha 4, bug fixing and tuning. This week’s video focuses on a major aspect of what makes the game fun, pacing! We’ve been fine tuning all kinds of variables so that the game plays at the pace we want: something that’s relaxed and leisurely, but not too slow or drawn out.

Here’s the video!

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The Stonehearth Alpha is now available through Humble Bundle.

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