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Alpha 7 Release Candidate Posted to Steam Latest Branch


Hi everyone. We’ve officially pushed release build 180 to the Steam latest branch for testing. Once we shake out the next round of bugs, we’ll make the game available for all of you.

Here are instructions for accessing the build on Steam.

Summary Patch Notes

We will have full patch notes on the Alpha 7′s final release.

Mining, Phase 1

You can now dig into the earth. Mining will be expanded significantly in Alpha 8. This is just the start.

  • Click the mining pick to enter the mining UI
  • Use the terrain visibility buttons to the right of the main menu bar to peer into the earth and view your mines


You can now build roads in your town. Roads make citizens travel faster.

  • Access the road tool from the build menu (house icon)
  • Draw out roads in the same way you drag out building floors

The Mason

The Mason crafts furniture and decorative pieces from stone that you harvest from your mines.

  • Build a Mason using the Mason’s Chisel, crafted by the Carpenter
  • You’ll need to mine stone from above ground or by digging mines

The Shepherd

The Shepherd will find sheep and bring them back to pasture zones

  • Build a Shepherd using the Shepherd’s Crook, crafted by the Carpenter
  • Once you have a Shepherd, make a new pasture zone from the zones menu

Bug Fixes

A list of bug fixes coming in the final release…

Alpha 7 title screen paint stream now up on YouTube


Hi guys. Yesterday I streamed the painting of Alpha 7′s new title screen. Here’s a sped up video of the process, for your enjoyment. We are optimistically expecting Alpha 7 to land in the next 3 weeks or so. On to the video!


And here’s the finished product as a desktop brackground. Click on the link, then right click and save the image that comes up.

Click to Download Alpha 7 Background

Streaming now for the next few hours!


Hi all. I’m painting up the Alpha 7 title screen, and streaming it at Check it now now!

When you get there, hit the Follow button to be notified whenever we stream.


Roads Update, Alpha 7, and Stream Tonight!


Hey everyone. Alpha 7 is coming along nicely. Our goal is to get it in your hands by early next year. If we’re very good and a little lucky, we can squeeze it out by this year, so cross your fingers for us!

This week’s update covers a new Alpha 7 features that we’ve been pretty quiet about, roads! Check out the video below. I hope you agree that they are quite cool.


Stream Tonight, 6 PM PST, 2 AM GMT

We’re back to our bi-weekly stream. You can tune in tonight live at For those who can’t make it, all streams are archived to our YouTube channel at


Team Radiant AFK Tonight, No Stream. Happy Holidays!


Hi guys. Tonight is Radiant’s annual holiday party, so I will not be streaming. Fear not, I’ll be back on Tuesday both with a video update in the morning and the development stream at 6 PST.

If you’re in the mood, have a drink wherever you are and celebrate with us. If you’re under 21, I suggest eggnog, or perhaps milk.


Get Stonehearth!

The Stonehearth Alpha is now available through Humble Bundle.

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