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Desktop Tuesday, Early Look at New Game Flow


Hi. As you heard last week, we’ve added a few new members to the team. This week let’s take a quick, early peek at Yang’s first project, enhancing the starting flow when making a new game.


What you’re looking at a new screen that will come up right after you select your game mode, but before you pick your starting location on the map. As you can see, you’ll get to see your starting band of settlers and their stats. If you don’t like that bunch, you can hit the “Roll new citizens” dice to kick them out and bring in a new batch.

Of course, this version of the screen is super early. The final version will have better graphics, portraits for the settlers, and more choices to make while planning your expedition. Our plan is to have the new flow ship in Alpha 11, roughly slotted for mid-July-ish.

Steam Latest Branch Updated with Combat Changes and Bug Fixes


Hi All. We’ve pushed a new build to the Steam Latest branch based on your early feedback from Alpha 10. We’ve made some fairly significant changes to the goblin campaign, and fixed another batch of bugs. If you’re on Steam, please kick the tires and lets us know your feedback. We plan on pushing this to all of you in an official Alpha 10 update patch early next week.

Here are the patch notes.

Goblin Campaign Changes

  • Goblin camp spawns much later in the game
  • Goblin camp is now neutral to you when it first spawns, and will be until you decline the shakedown
  • There is now an option to decline the shakedown halfway through the collection period
  • Wolves nerfed
  • Fewer goblin brigands spawn with raids
  • Reintroduce goblin thief/brigands

Misc. Changes

  • Net worth equation adjusted so that it’s easier to get to 20 people (cap is now 40)
  • Footmen level up faster
  • Goblins and undead now drop loot when killed. Use the loot command to harvest their loot
  • New tool to mine individual blocks
  • F5 now reloads the UI to clear javascript errors and fix “stuck” UIs

Bug Fixes

  • Goblin camp no longer will spawn underwater or over your buildings
  • Goblins should defend themselves every now and then instead of mindlessly raiding your stockpiles
  • Wolf camps no longer sometimes spawn infinitely
  • Goblin Chieftain is no longer an “apprentice footman”
  • Goblins no longer should get stuck on the roofs of houses on or tops of the loot chests
  • Fix errors after performing undo on roofs and walls
  • Destroy buildings now works correctly
  • Fog of war now updates correctly
  • The Goblin Thief encounter has returned
  • Fences and gates are not beds!
  • Fix visibility of ghosted items
  • Fix crafter maintain function
  • Improve performance when rendering of lights
  • Improve performance when building large roads and floors with patterns

Desktop Tuesday, Steam Early Access and the Road Ahead


Hi guys. With the release of Alpha 10, we’ve reached an important milestone in development. Many of the single-player gameplay systems are in place, and we’re steadily adding new content and improvements each month.

Here’s a “State of Stonehearth” post to outline how the team is doing, and some important developments that will occur over the coming weeks and months.


Welcome Brad and Yang to Team Radiant!

First things first. I’m happy to introduce two new team members, Brad and Yang!

Some of you on the forums have already gotten to know Brad, who has been helping us to improve our outreach to you guys. Brad comes to us from ROBLOX, and LEGO before that. His first big project is a brand new site, which we will roll out soon in the coming weeks. Brad is a big believer in the power of gaming communities, so he fits right in. ;)

And yesterday we added a new programmer, Yang! She comes to us from Google, where she worked on game frameworks for the Chromecast. Before that she worked at EA on The Sims. Yang brings a ton of expertise and enthusiasm to the team. We’re thrilled to welcome both Yang and Brad to the team.

Steam Early Access and Price Change

Your feedback as die-hard Stonehearth fans has been tremendously important to us. Now that the game is starting to come together (though it is definitely still incomplete), it’s important for us to get feedback from a wider audience as well. To do that, we’ve decided to enter the Steam Early Access program with our next release.

This is an important step for us, but it will not change our goals for the game or our approach to developing features.

Here’s how we will handle our EA launch.

  • In early June, Stonehearth will become available on Steam Early Access
  • We will still offer a DRM-free version for sale on at
  • We will reduce the price to $24.99 for both the Steam EA and DRM-free versions.
  • The June release will be “Alpha 10.5.” It will be a bug-fixing release to Alpha 10, with a few minor features in it.

If you have already bought the game and entered your Steam key, you don’t have to change anything.

Quick Steam EA Q&A

Q: Why Steam EA? Why now?

A: We’re entering Steam EA to get feedback from a wider audience of players so we can continue to improve the game. We’re doing this now because the game is complete enough to represent the core gameplay, and it’s early enough for us to still respond to feedback.

Q: How is your funding? Are you doing this so you can continue to develop the game?

A: Stonehearth funding is in great shape. We’ll share more information regarding funding in a future update, but we are sufficiently funded to finish the game.

Q: What happens to new Alphas once you go on Steam EA?

A: Absolutely nothing. It will be business as usual from a development standpoint. See below.

Game Updates After Steam EA

Steam EA will not change the way we talk with you guys or update the game. Desktop Tuesday will continue, as will the weekly streams. Alphas will continue to come out every 4-8 weeks.

The only change is that new players will be able to buy the game directly from Steam if they wish. We will continue to offer a non-Steam, DRM-free version for those who want it.

What’s Coming in Alpha 11

So with that out of the way, let’s look onward to Alpha 11! The major features in Alpha 11 will be improvements to the water system, at least one new class, new content, and more building improvements. Here’s who will be working on what.


  • Water, Stage 2
  • Add rivers and waterfalls to world generation
  • Complete flow and pressure simulation for water (this will fix the puddles that sometimes form in the world)


  • Launch the new Stonehearth site
  • Find new and better ways to communicate and cooperate with modders and players


  • Continue tracking down AI bugs
  • Continue to improve graphics performance


  • Add new music to the game
  • Continue to add sound effects for new features as they are developed


  • Add content, including more monsters and the conclusion of the goblin campaign


  • New class: the Cook
  • Add supporting assets for new monsters and water, stage 2
  • Make fancy graphics for the new site


  • Continue to improve the build editor
  • Add more feedback as to what your hearthlings need to make progress on seemingly stuck buildings
  • Improve the usability of the party system


  • Get up to speed on the major game systems and how they work

What About Mac and Linux?

I know some of you are eager for Mac and Linux ports. We’re still committed to making these happen.

As we have said in the past, we will focus on ports once the game is close to feature complete. I know you guys are eager for the ports, and we’re eager to bring them to you. We appreciate your patience.

Stonehearth Alpha 10 Released!


Hi everyone. Stonehearth Alpha 10 is officially out. You can download the new build from your Humble Bundle page. If you’re using Steam, the game should automatically update.

This was a big release for us, both in terms of features and performance improvements. I’ll have a post later this week outlining what’s next for Stonehearth, and how we’ll continue to bring the game closer to completion over the coming months.

For now, here are the patch notes for this release!

Water, Part 1

Lakes now spawn in the world, and water behaves rationally as the terrain is deformed. There’s still a lot to do here: rivers, improvements to the simulation, swimming, and the ability to use water as a resource.


Building Improvements, Part 1

The building system has gone through a major upgrade. This is a work-in-progress. Expect bugs and unfinished features.

  • You can now create multi-story buildings using the slab, grow-walls, and grow-roof tools! This is especially buggy at this stage of the Alpha, but feel free to try it out.
  • The road and building designers have been merged into a new GUI.
  • Hearthlings are smarter about building shapes created out of slabs.
  • Many more building patterns

Combat Improvements

  • Part 2 of the Goblin Campaign: Wolf Raiders! Send your hearthings to free the wolves from their cages before their trainer can turn them on you.
  • Goblin Camp boss and associated minions are now appropriately armed and buffed.
  • Wandering undead now spawn at night.


UI Improvements

  • Building editor redesign. It’s now much easier to place and build buildings based on templates.
  • New menu GUI. Reorganized the menu options to make more sense. Some hotkeys have changed.
  • In the citizen UI. Clicking a row will not focus the camera on that Hearthling.
  • In the embark screen, show star ratings for vegetation, wildlife, and minerals.

Performance Improvements

  • AI: Stonehearth can now handle many more Hearthlings thinking and working at the same time.
  • Mining large regions and building long roads takes much less CPU time.
  • Reduced batch-counts for 3D rendering.

Bug Fixes

  • Hearthlings used to have difficulty mining out ceilings when already underground. They will now reserve stepping stones to allow them to reach and remove ceiling blocks.
  • Floating trees are fixed.
  • Enemy camps no longer spawn astride cliffs.
  • Altered requirement equations for new citizens, net worth, food calculations
  • Several building fixes when constructing complicated custom buildings
  • Build less scaffolding when making buildings. Some of the scaffolding was unncessary
  • Fix “missing color code” errors when building with stone patterns
  • Water is now properly lit during the day/night
  • Hiding the character sheet no longer breaks the promotion UI (and lots of other UIs as well)
  • Properly sort auto-saves by date along with all the rest of the saves
  • Hide save related buttons when loading a game from the title screen
  • Properly center the save screen
  • Fixed several animation glitches in the goblin
  • Fixed display glitches in the fog of war border
  • Fix display glitch when old particle systems appear on screen
  • Don’t start the game clock until the game actually starts
  • Fix bug when goblin camps spawned on dirt
  • New graphics for NPCs in the 2nd part of the goblin campaign
  • Make many more crafted items sellable, including “fine” items
  • Return of the Red Peaked Roof type
  • You are no longer allowed to sell clothes off your workers’ backs
  • Nerf the amount of gold you receive when selling pelts
  • Fixed save/load bugs related to farms
  • Fixed many bugs in roofs for multi-story buildings
  • Rendering improvements for scaffolding. Lots of scaffolding should no longer slow down the game.
  • More AI performance improvements
  • Enable drawing slabs which hang out over thin air (like docks or balconies).
  • Fixed another instance of the “workers stuck” bug.
  • Goblins will no longer passively let you beat on them as they beat on items in your stockpile
  • More water bug fixes.
  • Fixed farmer stocking bug
  • Fix party bug
  • Goblin stockpiles now properly delete on boss death
  • Various fixes to goblin aggression
  • Goblin scout camp now has tents
  • Undead now randomly spawn, but only after a few days of play
  • Fixed undead spawning in peaceful mode games.

Desktop Tuesday, Alpha 10 Title Screen Speed Paint.


Hi everyone. We’re putting the finishing touches on Alpha 10 today. It should go out “soon.” As always we have a new title graphic to celebrate the latest alpha. Here’s a video of me painting the thing this morning.

Click here to download a high res wallpaper

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