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Here Come the Goblins! Steam Latest Branch Updated to develop-2283



We’ve started the official release train for Alpha 9, with an update to the steam latest branch. That means we’re feature complete for Alpha 9. Once we shake out the major bugs, we’ll release it to everyone.

The major changes in Alpha 9 are the 64-bit client, and a major rework for the monsters in the game, including the first bit of our first combat campaign. The campaign work is still pretty rough, but it will give you an idea of what’s to come.

Here are summary patch notes for the 2283 release!

64-bit Client!

We are now shipping both 64-bit and 32-bit versions of the game. If you’re running a 64-bit OS, we
highly suggest using the 64-bit version. Choose your game version from the System tab of the Settings

New Harvesting Commands

The new commands are:

  • Clear, to completely destroy unwanted items
  • Cancel Orderm to undo previously issued harvest commands
  • Loot, to steal items that belong to someone else. For now this means just the goblins

Combat Rebalance

Each individual goblin is now much more of a threat, but they will come at you in fewer numbers.
Also, there are now serveral different kinds of goblins, with different stats and behaviors.

Combat Scenarios

The goblins now organize themselves into structured raiding camps. You’ll need
to find a way of dealing with them once they set up camp near your town.


Travelling merchants will visit your town every now and then. You can sell
your excess inventory for gold, and use that gold to buy from all merchants.

Desktop Tuesday, Introducing the Stonehearth Community Roadmap Board


Hi everyone. Big announcement for this Tuesday’s update, in lieu of a video. Feature development in the game is coming along nicely, and we’re getting a lot of feedback from you about where you’d like to see the game go in the future.

To better communicate with you guys, we’ve opened up a Trello board. The board is a finer grain look at what we’re working on now, and what we’re working on next. The best part is, you can vote on the features you want to see most, and have an influence on our development.

Here’s a quick FAQ that explains how all this will work. Please use this discourse topic to discuss the board.

Where’s the Board?

Right here, hosted on Trello.

What is the Roadmap Board for?

The roadmap board is a high level list of upcoming features, and how we will prioritize their development. The exciting part is, you get to vote on which features you would like to see developed first.

We’ll use this information on a regular basis for our planning updates, where possible, to help guide development in a way that best suits the community.

What do the cards represent?

Each card represents a varying amount of work towards adding a mid to high level feature in the game.

The order of the cards represents the order in which we will work on the features in that column, from top to bottom.

Card color represents the work status of each feature.

  • Green = Someone is actively working on the feature now
  • Blue = Someone will work on this as soon as we have someone available to work on it!
  • Yellow = We will implement this feature, we just don’t know when yet. We have no immediate plans to work on it, and will complete all green and blue items before considering work on this feature.
  • Orange = We know we will implement this feature eventually, but definitely not in the next few Alpha releases.

How do I vote?

1. Sign up for a Trello account at
2. Head over to the Stonehearth board
3. Click a card you want to vote for, then click the “Vote” button

So you’ll work on the top voted features?

The voting will be an important factor in deciding what to work on next, but not the only factor. When choosing what to work on next, we consider many factors, like how long it will take to develop vs. impact on the game. In general, voting may affect the order that we work on items within a category (green, blue, etc), but will probably not move a feature from one category to another, like moving something from orange to green.

Desktop Tuesday, Combat Tuning!


Hi everyone. This week’s video takes a sneak peek at the work we’re doing to toughen up the goblins. Right now the goblins are pretty much cannon fodder, and only a threat in great numbers. With the introduction of the structured campaigns, we want you to respect them even in small numbers. Check it out below.

Tom has the plague, no stream tonight

Sleeping Heads

Ok, saying the plague may be overstating it a bit, but I’m a bit under the weather. No stream tonight, but I should be right as rain in a few days. So the stream will resume next Tuesday at the usual time, 6pm Pacific. See everyone next week!

Stonehearth latest branch updated to develop-2193


Just a quick note that we’re continuing to shake out bugs in the 64-bit version of the game. This latest round includes a fix for the out-of-memory error many of you were seeing, along with other smaller fixes.

Along these lines, our tentative plan is to get Alpha 9 out the door in early March. If we’re very good at our jobs, it will contain the first phase of the enhanced goblin campaign shown in today’s video update, an experimental version of the 64-bit client, and some quality of life bug fixes and features.

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