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Desktop Tuesday, Mining Update!


Hi everyone. Our slightly belated Desktop Tuesday this week is all about mining! I talk about what’s in store for mining and outline the major work to be done. You can check out the video below.

In other news, thanks for your help in kicking the tires on build develop-1633. We’ve identified some bug fallout from a round of optimizations. Those will get swatted down and we’ll push out an update when it’s ready.



Ladders, Measurement Tools, and More Now on Steam Unstable Branch (build develop-1633)


We’ve just updated the Steam Unstable branch with a build that includes the new improvements described in yesterday’s video. This post describes out to access the unstable branch of the game.

Here are the patch notes for this release:

New features

  • Ladders will now build down when necessary
  • New UI for choosing citizen jobs, showing the full job tree and requirements to promote to each job.
  • New command to undeploy a placed item, returning it to a stockpile
  • The size is now shown for all boxes dragged out in the world: in the building tool, farms, stockpiles, etc.

Other changes

  • Significant pathfinder performance improvements
  • Citizens can now walk through scaffolding
  • Removed the tabs from the building designer, and updated most of the button icons
  • Removed the ability to promote a citizen directly from a job talisman
  • Fix bugs where tool hints sometimes disappeared for no reason
  • The trapper will now level up after harvesting enough critters. This is a very early implementation of class leveling. Lots more coming




Desktop Tuesday: Post Alpha 5 Features!


Hi everyone. This week’s video shows off a few new features that we’re working on, all of them requested by you! I also recap the major features we’re working on now, and show off some of the cool creations we’ve seen in Alpha 5. Here’s the video!

Stonehearth Alpha 5 Playthrough


To celebrate the new release, Stephanie has put together a little play session of Alpha 5. She walks through all the major features of the game on the way to building a fledgling town. Here it is!

Stonehearth Alpha 5 is Now Available!


Alpha 5 is now official out in the wild! This is the first build available to all Stonehearth customers, including the $15 Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers.

Kickstarter backers, please check out this FAQ for instructions for accessing your personal Humble Bundle page, where you can download the game or retrieve your Steam key.

And as we’ve discussed before, while the game is still in Alpha for now, we’re more committed than ever to keep pounding away at the game’s development until it’s complete. Thanks!


Get Stonehearth!

The Stonehearth Alpha is now available through Humble Bundle.

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