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Stonehearth Alpha 4 Official Release!



Hi. I’m pleased to announce that we’ve officially launched Stonehearth Alpha 4! It is available now on Steam, and will be available on Humble Bundle shortly. This is by far the most significant, feature-filled release for us, so congratulations to the whole team. It’s onward and upward from here guys. Here’s a super high-level summary of what’s in the Alpha 4 release:

New Classes: Footman, Weaver, and Trapper!

You can now upgrade your citizens to three new classes.

  • Footman Basic fighting unit, who will automatically patrol your town and defend you from invaders. Invaders?
  • Weaver A new crafter unit who crafts decorative items and basic armor for your units.
  • Trapper The trapper’s back, with a less micro-intensive style of play!

Basic Combat!

After a while, you can expect your town to receive “visitors” interested in taking your stuff, so you’ll need them. Combat right now is fairly rough, and will undergo EXTENSIVE tuning during the next few alphas.

Building Designer, Phase 1

You can now design and build your own custom buildings. The tool is just in its beginning phases, and is a bit difficult to use right now. We know. It will get better!


The GUI has received an extensive overhaul, with a centralized scoreboard and management screens for your citizens and crafters.

Caravan Notifications!

Every now and then, you will receive a notification that a caravan has swung by your settlement. Caravans can provide new settlers or offer to trade new things for existing or craftable goods.

Video Update, Speed Painting for Alpha 4


Hi everyone. We’re now officially going through our final testing pass for Alpha 4! Traditionally, when we hit this phase of an upcoming new release, I paint up a new cover image for the game’s title screen. Here’s a video of the process, sped up of course. 


And here’s a link to the actual image. Click the image to get a large version, then right click and save.


Video Update, More Furniture!


For this week’s video update, I take a closer look at that house in the previous post’s screenshot, along with the new recipes for the Weaver. The march to an Alpha 4 release continues…here’s the video!

Steam Unstable branch updated with Alpha 4 Build 118



The march to Alpha 4 continues, with a new release that fixes the most serious bugs you guys have reported to us. Along the way it adds a handful of new craftable items.  Here’s a change list.




  • Ladders can now be removed
  • Many more crafting recipes and placeable items
  • More flora
  • Critters won’t spawn when people are around

Bug Fixes

  • New work-around for when crafters become stuck because they don’t have the proper ingredients to craft an item. Delete the craft order by dragging it into the trash can on the workshop screen.
  • Lots of Build Mode UI fixes and improvements
  • Fixed floating heads bugs
  • Fixed bug causing units not to attack, eat, sleep, admire fire, or participate in the town score
  • Pets are no longer stuck after being tamed
  • Fixed “nil reference” error on citizen death
  • Fixed “nil reference” error when placing items on the ground

Alpha 4 (Build 114) Pushed to Steam Unstable


Hi everyone. We’ve pushed a new build to the Steam unstable branch. As usual, this build has known bugs and issues, which we are actively resolving before pushing the official Alpha 4 to Steam and Humble Bundle. Our sole focus now is to get these bugs resolved so we can push out the final Alpha 4 for all of you.

As many of you were able to guess, this new release pushes out the updated Trapper! And here she is.


Introducing the Trapper (ver 2.0)

Those who have been around for a while will remember the original version of the trapper, where you manually placed and harvested traps. The idea was to give you a different kind of gameplay, but we found that even this small amount of micro really clashed with the  overall “orchestrate then observe” vibe that we have going in the game. So, Trapper 1.0 had to bite the dust.

But she’s back now, and better than ever! Here’s a brief rundown for her new interaction model.

  • As the player, you can place “Trapping Grounds” using the Zones UI, indicating where the trapper should hunt.
  • The Trapper will survey the grounds and decide on the best place to put her traps.
  • Over time, critters will be attracted to the traps. Depending on a couple of factors, they will either be caught or not caught!
  • Every now and the the Trapper will return to the Trapping Grounds to survey her traps, and “harvest” any trapped critters.

Give it a whirl and let us know what you think. You can report bugs in the Active Bug category of our Discourse.


Get Stonehearth!

The Stonehearth Alpha is now available through Humble Bundle.

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