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Introducing the Weaver


This week we have officially put the Weaver into the game! Here’s a quick rundown and video of the weaver in action. For this week’s video, I tried to capture myself actually playing the game a little while I explain the features. Let me know what you think of that style of presentation. Anyway, the Weaver!

The weaver is a crafter much like the Carpenter. So she has a workshop and can refine raw materials into useful things for your town. She has two roles in the game

  1. Craft cloth suits that upgrade your units. So far she has two suits: an upgraded worker suit that makes your workers work faster, and a padded suit of armor for your footmen.
  2. Craft decorations for your town, like rugs, banners, and flags.

Unlike the carpenter, who can immediately make use of wood lying on the ground, the Weaver needs to refine raw fiber from plants or animals into thread, then spin the thread into cloth.

Well, just watch the video. It explains all this.

Quick Update, Video Update Coming Tomorrow


Hi ho. I actually just remembered that it’s Tuesday (time flies when you’re building games), so this week’s video update will have to wait until tomorrow.

To tide you over, here’s a juicy screenshot of some of the features we’re sneaking into Alpha 4. There are at least 4 new features displayed (or hinted at) in this screenshot. See how many you can spot!


Alpha 4 Progress Update!


Hi guys. Progress continues on Alpha 4. Thanks to all of you who have tested so far, we’ve been able to shake out most of the crashing bugs, so the game is back to being pretty darn stable. We will push out an updated build to the Steam Unstable Branch today.

Here’s this weeks video, showing off some of the improvements we made last week to the new Alpha 4 features!

Alpha 4 Improvements This Week

  • Greatly increased stability
  • Ability to edit roofs
  • New setting for maximum height of roof
  • New “Red Alert” graphics and sound
  • Improved combat sound and VFX

Desktop Tuesday: Using Our Heads

Sleeping Heads

Hey Everyone, Stephanie here. Last weekend’s EVO 2014 was so epic* that Tom and Tony are still out of the office today tying up loose ends. Since Chris, Albert, Doug, and I are mostly wrestling weird bugs while they’re out, we thought it would be appropriate to spend this week’s Desktop Tuesday on a visual tour of one of the more, um, noticeable surprise-areas of the game.

As some of you have noticed, A4 Unstable sometimes gets into a state where the bodies of the characters have disappeared, leaving only heads (sometimes, sword-wielding heads!)

Just Heads.

This, however, is only one kind of manifestation of the issue. As those of you who have attempted modding our workers know, humanoids have multiple parts: hair, eyebrows, heads, bodies, outfits, etc. A slight misalignment of any one thing relative to the others can lead to hilarious situations.

Like this:

Displaced Heads


Or this!

Sleeping Heads


Sometimes though, we just take it and run with it, like the time our scaffolding tiling broke:

What's wrong? Who knows?

And Tony was out for the day and the comments in his code were no help:


And though I totally remember solving it like this:

So proud

Somehow when I synced and built again, this was going on instead:

Scaffolding Alternates

But that’s really not the weirdest.

Are you ready for this?

I don’t think you’re ready.



You really really are?


Some time last summer, Chris was “messing with the Matrix” (really, that’s what he said he was doing) and this shaky-cam shot is all that remains:

I don't even

…’Nuff said, folks. Back to the bugs!



*Complete digression: So, EVO! Epic? Epic!!! Even if you’re like me, and don’t follow fighting games, there are moments even aside from the finals that stand out. Like:

  • This match, which I imagine started with the X-Men being like, “Whoa, Magneto somehow recruited both Phoenix and Dr. Doom? We’re totally hosed!” And then Wolverine was like, “Dudes, chill, I know a guy.”
  • And the finale of this match, which ended with 10,000 grown men and women screaming Pi-Ka-CHU in unison, over and over and over again.

Desktop Tuesday, Worker Defense Mode!

Hi guys. Really quick update this week. As some of you know, Tony and I run a really big fighting game tournament annually, and it’s coming up this week! So we’ve been extra, super busy, and will remain so for the next week or so. Anyway, to today’s update!

Worker Defense Mode

We’ve added a toggle that will turn your settlers into a militia to fight off enemies! Basically when the toggle is off, your settlers will do their jobs normally, and run from anything too scary. When you toggle on the defense mode, your workers will turn and face any invaders. Here’s a video of the feature in action.

Get Stonehearth!

The Stonehearth Alpha is now available through Humble Bundle.

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