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Alpha 10 Unstable Branch Updated with ATI Fix


One quick critical fix, as testing continues. Due to math errors in certain ATI drivers, yesterday’s build did not work on any ATI Radeon HD graphics cards. That is now fixed in the new build.

Stonehearth Alpha 10 Test Build Uploaded to Steam Latest Branch!


Hey everyone. We’ve pushed a new build to the Steam “latest” beta branch. This one is a doozy! It contains our first cut at water, the new building editor, more combat stuff, and a small fleet of improvements and bug fixes.

That said, this build is minimally tested, so expect bugs and crashes. Over the next few days we’ll continue to stabilize the game, and ultimately release Alpha 10 to everyone when it’s ready.

Here are patch notes for this release.

Water, Part 1

Lakes now spawn in the world, and water behaves rationally as the terrain is deformed. There’s still a lot to do here: rivers, improvements to the simulation, swimming, and the ability to use water as a resource.

Building Improvements, Part 1

The building system has gone through a major upgrade. This is a work-in-progress. Expect bugs and unfinished features.

  • You can now create multi-story buildings using the slab, grow-walls, and grow-roof tools! This is especially buggy at this stage of the Alpha, but feel free to try it out.
  • The road and building designers have been merged into a new GUI.
  • Hearthlings are smarter about building shapes created out of slabs.
  • Many more building patterns

Combat Improvements

  • Part 2 of the Goblin Campaign: Wolf Raiders! Send your hearthings to free the wolves from their cages before their trainer can turn them on you.
  • Goblin Camp boss and associated minions are now appropriately armed and buffed.
  • Wandering undead now spawn at night.

UI Improvements

  • Building editor redesign. It’s now much easier to place and build buildings based on templates.
  • New menu GUI. Reorganized the menu options to make more sense. Some hotkeys have changed.
  • In the citizen UI. Clicking a row will not focus the camera on that Hearthling.
  • In the embark screen, show star ratings for vegetation, wildlife, and minerals.

Performance Improvements

  • AI: Stonehearth can now handle many more Hearthlings thinking and working at the same time.
  • Mining large regions and building long roads takes much less CPU time.
  • Reduced batch-counts for 3D rendering.

Known Issues

  • Altered requirement equations for new citizens, net worth, food calculations.We have identified a slow memory leak introduced in Alpha 9 which makes Stonehearth use an increasingly large amount of memory the longer you play. This will definitely be fixed before Alpha 10 ships, but is still there as of the current build.
  • The water simulation is incomplete and is designed to error when running into an unimplemented geometry.
  • Sometimes Hearthlings will build floor or roads before the area has been properly mined out.
  • Hearthlings sometimes fall through the scaffolding when it’s modified out from underneath them.
  • Hearthlings sometimes build a tiny ladder in the hole for the foundation of buildings which never gets destroyed.
  • Returning trader encounter text does not show time correctly.
  • Immigration currently limited to 20 Hearthlings. Will raise cap with performance optimizations.

Bug Fixes

  • Hearthlings used to have difficulty mining out ceilings when already underground. They will now reserve stepping stones to allow them to reach and remove ceiling blocks.
  • Floating trees are fixed.
  • Enemy camps no longer spawn astride cliffs.
  • Altered requirement equations for new citizens, net worth, food calculations.

Desktop Tuesday, New Build Coming Soon


Hi all. We are on the verge of pushing the first build of the Alpha 10 release process. As usual, this will be an unstable, minimally tested build. If you have a high tolerance for bugs, give it a shot and kick the tires on the new A10 features. I’ll post release notes when the build is available.

Here’s a quickie screenshot of a multi-story building I just built using the new A10 build. Eventually you’ll be able to control how you want the stripe between stories to look.



Desktop Tuesday, Quick Look at Zombies


Hi everyone. For the past few stream sessions, I’ve been modelling and animating new kinds of monsters for the game, specifically skeletons and zombies! Here are a few shots of the work-in-progress zombies. Some quick notes on what we’re doing, and what’s on deck

  • Zombies will be incredibly slow, but persistent
  • Your workers won’t fight zombies! Even if you turn on town defense mode, workers will run from them. You’ll need some seasoned troops to battle them.
  • Note the glowy eyes, thanks to our new shader tech.

Here’s a screenshot of the zombies fighting some hearthlings.


And here’s what inevitably happens when mere workers tangle with the undead.


Belated Desktop Tuesday, Alpha 9 Trailer


Hi everyone.  I spent all day trying to add zombies to the game, and got so excited that I completely forgot it was Tuesday! So here is your belated weekly update, an official trailer for Alpha 9. I walk through the new features, and since this trailer is doubling as this week’s status update, I sneaked in a few shots of some upcoming Alpha 10 features at the end.

Here’s the trailer!


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