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Desktop Tuesday, Alpha Preparations and Exploding People


Hi guys. Let me start off with what I know is on everyone’s minds: the upcoming Alpha release. Quite a bit is going on here all at the same time.

  • Stephanie is working with the good folks at Humble Bundle to setup our online store. Sometime this week we will send out instructions to access your Stonehearth Humble Bundle store page. The game won’t be there yet, but this gives you a chance to verify that you will indeed be able to download the game when it’s available.
  • The team continues to squash bugs and sneak in a few last minute graphical and UI enhancements.
  • Doug is going crazy on audio, making everything in the game click, whir, and murmer in response to your input.

We’re getting more clarity on a possible release date, and it’s looking like we will push the Alpha on December 30th.

Alpha 1 TLDR for Beta Customers

  • The alpha will be available on or around December 30th
  • You will download the alpha from the Humble Bundle store
  • We will support Steam ASAP, possibly in Alpha 1 but if not then soon after.
  • We will send instructions for how to get to the store this week

Terrible, horrific bugs

I’ve been working on supporting animations for non-person entitites, starting with a gate that swings open when people pass through it. This required a few tweaks to my animation toolset, and one of those changes briefly introduced a bug in the way animations run in the game.

Let’s just say the results speak for themselves…



Behind the scenes with Bush #4

Hey Everyone! Stephanie again. As Tom mentioned in last week’s livestream, we’re working together on food! In today’s test environment, young Sean Connery brave Willad Northpoint is harvesting berries off of bushes so he can eat them later.


(He still doesn’t get hungry yet, but one day! One day…)*

Since some of you displayed an interest in the more technical aspects of content creation, I thought I’d take some time this week to show off some behind-the-scenes screenshots.

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Desktop Tuesday. More UI work, plus women!

Hello. Another week of slow but steady progress on the core building and crafting features. A bunch of you tuned into my impromptu live stream (you check out the archive here) , where I drafted a bunch of icons for the stockpile configuration UI.

Well, here’s a shot of that UI, all implemented and working great within the game.


Here you can see that “Stockpile No.2″ (yes, you’ll be able to rename them), has been configured to just store wood. So our workers are carrying chopped wooden logs into that stockpile. All of the little icons have tooltips, so you’ll be able to tell what’s what.

You may also notice something else new in that screenshot, a female worker! Yes, we now have female characters. Here’s a closer shot of her.

And, of course, they’re perfectly capable of adopting all our professions, like the Carpenter!



Desktop Tuesday, A sneak peak at construction

Hi. As I said last week, Tony has been pounding away at a re-vamped construction system. A part of this is the ability to show planned-but-not-constructed buildings in a blue, wire-frame mode. Here’s a shot showing the new renderer in action. As your guys complete the wall, the brings go from wire-frame-blue to solid voxels.


Desktop Tuesday, Live streaming Today and Thursday, 4:00 PM PST

This week we continue our march toward the preview release in December. As usual, our time is divided between slow but steady progress on gameplay and on the boring-but-essential features that we need to actually ship a game: clear modding APIs, installers, and performance tuning.

One such under-the-covers enhancement was to change the way we treat professions like the Worker and Carpenter. There’s a lot that goes into a character’s profession: how they appear on the screen, what kinds of things they’re allowed to do in the game, how they react to their environment, etc. A Worker or Carpenter might run from an invading orc, but a Footman or Archer would engage to defend the town.

Our original system allowed modders to manipulate all these aspects independently. It was flexible, but difficult to use. We’ve re-factored things around the notion of “equipment.” Like in RPGs, all characters have a set of equipment that they wear. In Stonehearth, you will be able to associate AI scripts with a piece of equipment. So the scripts for chopping trees, hauling, and other workman-like tasks are associated with the “Worker’s outfit” equipment piece. The AIs for crafting are associated with the “Carpenter’s outfit.” When a citizen takes off one outfit and puts on another, the AIs are swapped out as well.

Of course, that begs the question: what does a person look like with no outfit on?


Two Live streams this week!

I’ll be streaming both today and this Thursday, at 4:00 U.S. Pacific time on both days. I’ll be taking a first nibble at the eating/drinking systems in the game, mostly modelling and animating. As always, you can tune in at


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