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Art. Game Design. Lore. Also Tony’s twin brother.

Tom is a co-founder of Radiant Entertainment, and was drafted to be CEO and President.

Before moving to game development, Tom studied Computer Science at Stanford University and worked for 16 years as a software engineer for companies like Microsoft and VMware.

Tom has a lifelong passion for multi-player games, especially Street Fighter. He is a founder of and Evo, one of the largest video game competitions in the world, with over 5000 annual competitors.



Code. Idea Brewer. Also Tom’s twin brother.

Tony is a co-founder of Radiant Entertainment and is responsible for dragging Tom along for the ride.

Tony studied at Stanford University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He has a 16 year track record of delivering innovative technology for companies like Microsoft and VMware. If you’re reading both of these bios, you may have noticed a pattern by now.

Tony is also the creator of GGPO, a latency-hiding middleware package for multiplayer online games. Companies like Capcom, Bandai-Namco, and Autumn use GGPO to improve the responsiveness of their network-enabled console, PC, and mobile games.