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Desktop Tuesday. More on Sleep Implementation, Now with Beds!

This week I’m continuing my work on the sleep system. A first cut of this puppy is more or less done. As you can see from this debug screenshot, we have beds! And people have learned how to sleep in them! Here’s how the system works in its first iteration.

As time goes by throughout the day, your citizens grow more and more sleepy. When their sleepiness hits a threshhold, they figure it’s time to go to sleep and start looking around for an unused bed. If they find one, they will claim it as their own, run to it, and fall to sleep. So citizens know whose bed is whose, and won’t hijack someone else’s bed. This means that each little guy can potentially have his own home if you build your town that way.

Ownership of a bed will eventually expire. So if something…unfortunate…happens to one of your citizens, someone else will eventually claim their bed. Also, if a citizen can’t find a bed for a while, either because there are none available or because he can’t get to any of the beds, he will eventually give up and just collapse on the ground, exhausted. Sleeping on the ground will be much less effective than sleeping in beds, so you’ll have plenty of incentive to make enough beds to go around.

With this basic implementation in place, we’re going to call sleeping “done” for now and move on to other aspects of the game. We’ll see how it works in practice and add richness where necessary. One obvious enhancement is the ability to explicitly assign a bed to a particular citizen, and we will almost certainly add that soon. And obviously we’ll need to implement our facial animation system soon, so everyone doesn’t sleep with their eyes open!

Belated Desktop Tuesdays. Tweet Tweet!

Hi guys. Yesterday was packed full of meetings so I’m a bit late on this week’s screen dump. But good news, we are closing on a lease of office space! On a lark last Monday I threw up a live stream to see if anyone would notice. About 100 of you did. I showed off a little of the new UI code then we modeled some birds. You can catch the archive here.


This morning I went back and cleaned up the models a little more. I wasn’t really happy with the way the heads were sitting on the shoulders, so I shortened the neck by one voxel, which effectively removed the neck, but hey, they’re cuter without necks I think.

Desktop Tuesdays, Revisiting the Carpenter. Live Stream this Thursday at 4:00 PM (-7 GMT)!

carpenterBusy days continue for Team Radiant. We’re making progress simultaneously on securing office space, growing the team, and working on the game. I will be pleased when the first two items are taken care of so we can spend 100% of our time on the last.

Today for Desktop Tuesdays we’re revisiting the Carpenter. Most of you have already seen this guy and his workshop here, so what’s the big deal? Well, Stephanie has been cranking away at the core crafting engine, and we’ve hit a breakthrough for how we want crafters and their workshops to behave universally in the game. The good news is that workshops like you see here are back and will play a major role! We threw them out a while ago because we couldn’t work them into our original crafting plans, but now they’re back.

The even better news is that it’s my job is to overhaul the workshop model, and I’ll be doing it on stream this Thursday at 4:00 California time, which is -7 GMT! You can tune in at http://twitch.tv/radiantentertainment. It will be nice to do another live stream, and I’m looking forward to explaining the workshop-related changes and answering your general questions.

See you Thursday!

Desktop Tuesday, Belated Edition: Introducing the Weaver!

Ack! I missed our regular Tuesday developer update, but I have a good reason! We’ve put the finishing touches on our Kickstarter video and submitted it for approval. Hopefully the Kickstarter guys can get back to us in time for our scheduled launch on the 29th.

Ok, so back to business. If you’ve been following along, you know that all your little citizens have an RPG-like class. That goes for the military units like Swordsman and Archer, but it’s also true for your crafters. And so (drumroll), here is a shot of the Weaver class and a lot of her craftables.


The weaver spins raw materials (cotton, flax, wool, etc) into consumable goods like cord for bows, and cloth for clothes and bedding. Where do those sheep, plants, and tools (the spinning wheel and loom) come from? Other crafters of course! We’re shooting for a real economic model between the the crafter classes, with all kinds of interesting dependencies between the production of raw materials and their refinement into consumable goods.

That’s it for now. Happy Tuesday…belatedly. And because it’s pre-Kickstarter week, here’s a new desktop wallpaper!


Desktop Tuesday, Puppy Edition


I’m continuing to split duty between getting the Kickstarter campaign ready and adding new models for the game.  Today I came up with a project that contributes to both efforts: puppies!  What does this little guy have to do with the Kickstarter?  You’ll have to wait and see (it’s not a giant mystery…if you’ve seen a Kickstarter or two you can probably guess.)

Now that he’s modelled, I need to chop him up, rig him, and animate him.  A while ago I promised to write more about our art pipeline, so I’ll document the process and throw it up here when it’s done.

In other news, Tony continues to crank away at the new world generation model. (so our worlds look more like this and less like this).  Even in its early state it looks like it has great potential.

Also, thanks guys for helping to spread the word about the game.  We’ve seen a noticeable uptick in Facebook likes and traffic to the blog, so please keep it up!  We are roughly three weeks away from our Kickstarter.  Shoutout to our old colleagues at VMware who are just now seeing what we’ve been up to.

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