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Demonstrating the Upgrade Construction AIs

We haven’t shown off the full game in a while, so I’ve put together this video demonstrating improvements to…well, practically everything. The main point here is to show you the coordination of AIs to complete a fairly complicated goal like building a house. But since I shot this in the actual game and not a micro-test-world, you can see the new terrain in action, along with settler variants and the return of the bunnies!

We’re locked and loaded for the Kickstarter tomorrow. All I need to do is push the big green button at the top of our page. Hmmm….tempting….

Kickstarter Update and Terrain Progress

Videographer Richard Li and all his fancy toys.

Videographer Richard Li and all his fancy toys.

Last week we shot interviews for our Kickstarter video!  The good news is that my amazing videographer friend Richard Li volunteered to run the shoot and help put together the video.  Richard has helped us out with videos for Evo in the past and always does incredible work.  The bad news is that we are both exceptionally awkward on camera, and I assure you this is not modesty talking.  It took a while, but hopefully we shot enough footage for Richard to work with.

Meanwhile, we’re both working on assets for the video and Kickstarter page.  For Tony that means implementing some key engine and graphical improvements so the gameplay portion of the video looks closer to what we want the full blown game to be.  I’m cranking out more concept art and renders, which has actually been pretty useful.  It’s a great way to flesh out game concepts that we haven’t touched in code yet (like farming), and explore new environments for the game world.

We only have 2 1/2 weeks before our target deadline of “end of April.”  Ahhhhh!

Terrain Engine Update

Here are some shots of the very-much-in-progress terrain rewrite.  This is literally a snapshot of what Tony had when I yelled “hey I need some terrain shots!” so you’re getting raw, unadulterated access to the dev process here folks.  You can see some obvious bugs like the shading of grass at the corners, but it already looks loads better than our old terrain.

These are foothills; something between a plain and a mountain.  We will have different terrains for mountains, plains, swamps, deserts, etc.  I drew a little guy on the first shot so you can see how big of a region these screenshots represent.  There’s plenty of space to build your houses, farms, and defenses on each layer of the hill.

I’d call this around 40% done.  It’s missing big stuff like the bedrock, trees, and plants. Also, the super-flat vertical cliffs need to be broken up.  Tony’s making quick work of that list of Todos, and it’s exciting to see the world come back to life better than ever.

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