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Video Update, More Furniture!


For this week’s video update, I take a closer look at that house in the previous post’s screenshot, along with the new recipes for the Weaver. The march to an Alpha 4 release continues…here’s the video!

Introducing the Weaver


This week we have officially put the Weaver into the game! Here’s a quick rundown and video of the weaver in action. For this week’s video, I tried to capture myself actually playing the game a little while I explain the features. Let me know what you think of that style of presentation. Anyway, the Weaver!

The weaver is a crafter much like the Carpenter. So she has a workshop and can refine raw materials into useful things for your town. She has two roles in the game

  1. Craft cloth suits that upgrade your units. So far she has two suits: an upgraded worker suit that makes your workers work faster, and a padded suit of armor for your footmen.
  2. Craft decorations for your town, like rugs, banners, and flags.

Unlike the carpenter, who can immediately make use of wood lying on the ground, the Weaver needs to refine raw fiber from plants or animals into thread, then spin the thread into cloth.

Well, just watch the video. It explains all this.

Desktop Tuesday, Belated Edition: Introducing the Weaver!

Ack! I missed our regular Tuesday developer update, but I have a good reason! We’ve put the finishing touches on our Kickstarter video and submitted it for approval. Hopefully the Kickstarter guys can get back to us in time for our scheduled launch on the 29th.

Ok, so back to business. If you’ve been following along, you know that all your little citizens have an RPG-like class. That goes for the military units like Swordsman and Archer, but it’s also true for your crafters. And so (drumroll), here is a shot of the Weaver class and a lot of her craftables.


The weaver spins raw materials (cotton, flax, wool, etc) into consumable goods like cord for bows, and cloth for clothes and bedding. Where do those sheep, plants, and tools (the spinning wheel and loom) come from? Other crafters of course! We’re shooting for a real economic model between the the crafter classes, with all kinds of interesting dependencies between the production of raw materials and their refinement into consumable goods.

That’s it for now. Happy Tuesday…belatedly. And because it’s pre-Kickstarter week, here’s a new desktop wallpaper!


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